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Best Chocolate Subscription Boxes

Who can say no to chocolate subscription boxes? Maybe just you are on a diet but anyway there are plenty of delightful chocolate subscription boxes worth to buy. It’s not just for you, it can be one of the best gifts for your families or friends too. Let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of each box.

best chocolate subscription boxes

List of the Five Best Chocolate Boxes

We curated this list with considering prices, what advantages they are bringing the table and of course which of them are more delightful. Of course, the taste can be subjective, but we tried to search what subscribers and press say about these boxes. So our list is getting more objective at that point.

Cocoa Runners

Cost: 19,95£ per month

Cocoa Runners is a UK based chocolate subscription service. It’s shipping to worldwide with small shipment price though. (Shipment to the UK is free). I can’t count my taste like a gourmet level, but it’s easy to say Cocoa Runners worth their price. It’s not just about chocolate, their packaging is pleasurable. You can manage your preferences while you choose which type of chocolate you want. It can be dark only, milk only or both of them. Even you have an option for %100 cocoa only.

The Telegraph mentioned them as “The true chocolate lover’s trade secret.”

Shipment: Worldwide, Free to the UK, other countries up to 4,5£

Jackie’s Chocolate

Price: 14,95$ per month(1/2 lb)

Who will love?
Jackie’s chocolate offers a variety of chocolates which includes truffles, bonbons and artisan chocolates which nobody can resist.
Even you can get hungry when you see the photo of the box. It’s a remarkably delicious experience. You can manage your preferences based on the weight of the product. If you are buying it just for you, the minimum package (1/2 lb) will be right to start but think about the larger sizes especially if you are in a big family or you will get it as a gift for your parents. It can be a perfect present for anyone!

Shipment: Free, Only ships within the United States

chocolate subscription box and book

Chocolate and Book

Cost: £14.99 a month.

Who will love?
Chocolate and book subscription box explains itself in the name. This box is curated excellently not just for chocolate lovers, also for book lovers. You have an option to choose which genre you are interested in. Options are various, sci-fi to romance. If you really like don’t know what you will get before. Hidden gem choice can be just for you. It looks the team behind the box really cares and carefully select what they are shipping to. You won’t regret it.

raaka chocolates subscription box

Raaka Chocolates

Price: 19,95 $ per month(including 2 chocolate bars)

Why it’s one of the best chocolate subscription boxes?
If you see subscribe to a chocolate box as an experience of new tastings, it will be the perfect choice for you! Raaka Chocolate Subscription Box explains themselves “fresh, creative, and innovative.” It’s impossible to not agree with them. It’s already a three-year-old chocolate subscription box service, and they really know what they are doing. They also share their story on craftsmanship and sourcing from their head of chocolate maker with each box. The photo above belongs to their April 2019 box which themed for spring and sakura season with Japanese green tea infused chocolate bars. It really sounds exotic and adventurous, isn’t it?

Shipment: Free to the US, worldwide shipping costs up to 21$

Godiva Chocolate Club of the Month

Godiva Chocolate Club of The Month

If you are looking for a chocolate subscription box right now, it’s impossible for you not to hear Godiva before. The quality of the Godiva Chocolate of the Month Club is no doubt. I can just explain what it contains a little bit.
You can choose your favorite type of chocolate and let the gift surprise them (or yourself) for months to come. My favorite is Taste of Godiva for 3 months, it includes Milk Chocolate Assortment, Gold Collection Gift Box and Chocolate Biscuits.

Shipment: Only US

German Chocolate Box

Price: 43.50$ monthly (Approximately for 2kg)

Why it’s one of the best chocolate subscription boxes?
Who doesn’t love German chocolates? Lindt, Riesen, Milka, Ritter Sport… This box includes many chocolate bars maybe you can find some of them in shopping malls, but you can’t believe the box really introduces how many products. If you really a chocolate lover and you are not searching for exotic tastes it can be the right chocolate box for you.

Other Chocolate Boxes Worth to Mention

Bar and Cocoa(45$ monthly): Craft chocolate from bean to bar makers. They are looking for best chocolate bars from the world’s best craft makers — all ethically made. SUBSCRIBE

Mystery Chocolate Box(18$ month): You will get 3 mystery chocolate bars covered by packages which you will not understand the ingredients of each bar. It’s like a game and taste experience.

candy club

Candy Club(29.99$ monthly): Candy Club is not a chocolate subscription box, but if you like sweet this box will make you happy! You will enjoy the unique taste of the experience. Click here and get the first box for 9.95

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