Humble Monthly Review

Humble Monthly can be one of the best subscriptions for PC gamers!

Actually, it’s not a subscription box physically, because you will get games directly online, but we thought we can review Humble Monthly as a subscription box.
If you like to play games from your computer and want to explore different ones, it can be your best subscription which you ever got.
On the first Friday of each month, you will receive a curated bundle(6 to 8 games) of PC games for $12.

PC Gamer reviewed them as “It’s a good way to get games on the cheap.”

humble-monthly review
They are explaining their service as “A curated bundle of games sent to your inbox every month. Activate on Blizzard and keep them forever.”

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Does Humble Monthly worth of its price?

Humble Monthly costs $12 for a month.

If you compare the real price of the games with Humble Monthly price, you can be sure that you are getting a considerable discount. Only this information is not showing the whole picture of course. Because if you are looking for 6 AAA games monthly, you will be disappointed.
Though, these bundle includes more indie games which you will not easily find, generally each month there is a one AAA game.

Assasins Creed Origins Humble Monthly
Assasin’s Creed was one of the 6 games in April 2019 from Humble Monhtly.

For example, April 2019 bundle includes Assasin’s Creed Origins which originally costs 60$. If you are not interested in indie games, you can be disappointed even with these advantages. I think it’s definitely worth to try!

Is there any starter advantages for Humble Monthly?

From the price perspective, there is no starter advantage for Humble Monthly, but if we compare it with subscription boxes there is no delivery delay for Humble Monthly! Because of it’s an online subscription you can start to play games just after you subscribed!

If you decide to subscribe the service for a year, you can get one month for free! It means you will pay 132$ for once then you will get more than 70 games in a year. Finally, you don’t need to think about which games you will play at your pastime, they will curate them thoughtfully for you.

What are the some of previous favorite games in Humble Monthly?

I like to play indie games which Humble Monthly offers, though Civilization VI, Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience, XCOM 2 and Cities Skylines are my favorite AAA games from previous months.

What will happen if I bought one of these games before?

You can contact with Humble Bundle about it and they can give you a code you to gift this game to your one friend. I think it’s a valuable approach. It shows they care about their customers and they love what they are doing.

What happens to Humble Monhtly games if I cancel my subscription?

You will get these games for forever, so if you cancel your subscription, you don’t need to worry about them. It’s encouraging to hear before subscribe.

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