No Make No Life Beauty Box May 2019 Review

Today, we’ll explore No Make No Life beauty box for the first time at Subscription Valley. Korean and Japanese beauty box No Make No Life (nmnl) sends the cutest 6-8 beauty products every month. In this article, I will review the May 2019 box that I purchased in April 2019 and has a Natural Beauty theme.


The box comes from Tokyo, Japan and is incredibly charming. If you like a bit childish and too colorful things, you’ll love this box! The only bad thing is that you don’t have the chance to get this box right now. Because in May you will get the Rise and Shine themed June box. If you like this box, subscribe nmnl here.

Let’s take it further and see what’s in the May 2019 box together!

No Make No Life Beauty Box May 2019 Products


1- Etude House Oh M’eye Lash Mascara No.3 Volume

This is a really fantastic mascara until you try to take it off. Although mine promised volume, it curled and lengthened my lashes incredibly. Usually, I don’t like mascara when I open the first, but Etude House Oh M’eye Lash Mascara really fascinated me, I can say. Does not leak, does not spill all day long.

Also, it’s not written that it’s a waterproof mascara, but I can easily say it is. And the only problem with the mascara starts here: It’s tough to take it off from the eyelashes. I’m using Douglas’s Sensory Makeup Remover Oil when I clean my makeup, and I’m quite satisfied. I’ve never had any problem with my eye make-up, until this product. If you don’t like hard-to-clean mascara, you can hate this product.

Nevertheless, if you are going to use this mascara, be patient and make sure you have a decent eye makeup cleaner.

2- Canmake Lip Tint Jam – No.4 Espresso Jam

If you are trying to get away from heavy-weight lipsticks in warm seasons, like me, this lip tint is for you! I really liked the look of I-just-drank-coffee-like color. When you put on in the morning, it stays on your lips until evening. (Of course, the color is slightly lightened during the day) If you have pale lips, this product will make your lips look very healthy, you’ll love it.

This will be the product that I’m going to miss the most after I finish it.


3- Fiancee Fragrance Body Sheets – Pink Grapefruit – 20pcs

Perfumed body wipes are perfect for the bag. The smell of grapefruit thought made me nervous, but it leaves a very soft and powdery citrus smell in the body. So you don’t have to be afraid to smell sour ^^

During the application, there was a very intense smell of alcohol, but in a few minutes, this smell completely disappeared. And the remaining hours, it left behind a very smooth grapefruit smell.

4- Speed ​​Off Brush Cleaning Sheets – 12pcs

If you always get new brushes because you hate brush cleaning like me, this product will make your life easier. Use your blush, clean the brush with the cleaning sheet, and use it again the next day like new. Especially for blush and eyeshadow, I think it is an advantageous product because sometimes the colors left on the dirty brush ruin our makeup.

Having such an innovative product like that, a plus point for No Make No Life Beauty Subscription.


5- Japanese Bath Powder – Lucky Cat

I don’t have a bath, but still, I like to use these products as a footbath.

6- Berrisom Horror Mask – Black Rice

If you are bored with standard paper masks, this skull mask is for you! It leaves the skin very moist and bright with the black rice extracts.

I have used the remaining serum for a few more days on my mixed skin, and I loved it 🙂

7- Patting Panda Tool

Probably this is the most meaningless product in the box. However, I don’t want to write bad things because it was actually entertaining to use. The purpose of Patting Panda Tool is to soak your skin with a lotion or tonic by bumping in it.

How to use and a tiny little tip: Soak the cotton pad with a lotion or tonic and put it on the head of the panda then put the ring with the ears. Then make the panda kick you with his cute head so your skin will be sucking the product.
If your cotton pad is too small for the head of the panda, you can drag cotton slightly to the edges. This will make your cotton bigger, and it will fit the panda!

8- Fluffy Cleansing Pad

Generally, you can use a lotion with your fingertips, and Panda Head makes you use cotton pads to apply them. Just the opposite, fluffy cleansing pad offers you a better option against the disposable cotton pads. So actually nothing changes for the cotton producers :))

It is very soft, easily removes make-up and dirt on your face and is very easily cleaned with soap and warm water. The hanging ribbon also allows you to dry it simply. I liked this product very much.

NMNL May 2019 Favorite Products

  • I absolutely loved Canmake Lip Tint Jam. It is easy to apply and lasts long.
  • Berrisom Horror Mask made my skin very soft and moist. Additionally, the skull image on it was also quite fun.
  • The Fluffy Cleansing Pad cleans the skin very gently and is very easy to clean.

NMNL May 2019 Cons

  • I fancy Korean products, but with this box, we got only 2 Korean. Rest of it (6 products) were Japanese. I would be happier if I got a more balanced box.

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