nomakenolife August 2019 Beauty Box Review

Nomakenolife August 2019 box brings together eight adorable care and makeup products. This month’s five products are from Japan, and three of them are from Korea. The brands include Etude House and Tony Moly that we know about anywhere in the world. This box costs me $35, and I got products worth approximately $45. When you think it comes from the other side of the world, it’s a good deal 🙂

nomakenolife August 2019 box

As in the last month, we have a box full of products suitable for summer that will make us shine bright. Now let’s review nomakenolife August 2019 box!

Nomakenolife August 2019 Face Products


Momo Uru-Hada Awapeccino Foaming Tool + Cleansing Powder Set

Momo Uru-Hada’s Awapeccino reminded me once again that getting a nomakenolife subscription is always surprising, inspiring, and fun! I would never think of preparing my own face cleanser in a frappuccino mug.

I used my first package of cleansing powder in bath. It takes 20 seconds to have a mug filled foaming cleanser. I applied it to my face and also my body too. It doesn’t have a decent smell so sensitives can use it without any problem.

Deve Sumi Charcoal Facial Cleanser

There are also Rose, Honey, and Moisture variants, but mine is Charcoal, and I liked it a lot. It has a very thick texture that you need to squeeze hard to get the product. Also, a pea-sized cream may clean all your face, and it means this tube will help me with the daily cleansing routine for a long time. Btw, it smells so good; not so harsh, not too light. For me, it’s an ideal face cleanser.

Evenlip Spout Pouch Snail Essential Cream

Snails are known as their secretion, which improves skin texture. It’s written on the package that it has nutrients good for skin and improves elasticity.

It has a small and handy design so I will save it for my vacations.

Nomakenolife August 2019 Masks


Dessert Mask Choco Mint Face Mask

This package and smell won my heart before my skin. It’s easy to apply since it’s a sheet mask. Leaves your skin soft and moistened. I don’t know what to say more; it’s a perfect sheet mask with even better delivering.

Choosy Moist Lip Pack

Last month I loved Choosy’s Air lip gummies. It tasted delicious and had the ingredients to make the lips look fuller and healthier. This month we have a banana and chocolate jelly mask for our lips from Choosy. Another variant of this lip pack is mint chocolate.

After the exfoliation, I applied it to my lips, kept this mask for half an hour, and when I removed it, my lips were incredibly soft, plump, and smooth.

Nomakenolife August 2019 Makeup Products


Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher

PK002 Grapefruit Jelly color came out of my box. It has a pretty sweet, light pink color. I think it is quite suitable for daily makeup. If you usually prefer cream products, you can use it as a setting blush powder to make your cream blush last longer.

Crayon Touch-me Aurora Eye&Lip Topper

I am delighted that such a product came with nomakenolife box during the period that glossy eyes are trendy. To avoid losing the hologram effect, you shouldn’t blend it too much; dab it smoothly and wait for it to dry. Since the box is tiny, you can carry it with you to everywhere to turn your daily makeup into a gorgeous, glowy night makeup!

Tony Moly Petit Bunny Gloss Bar

This cute bunny gives your lips a natural color while moisturizing and giving a delicate glow. The name is gloss bar, but it’s not sticky and quite long-lasting compare to a regular gloss.

If you are looking for a cute and natural lipstick that will not dry your lips in the summer, Tony Moly Petit Bunny Gloss Bar will be essential in your bag.

I am totally satisfied with my Nomakenolife August 2019 box. I am already excited about the September box! See you soon!

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