nomakenolife July 2019 Beauty Box Review


nomakenolife July 2019 box brings together eight cute and useful products. The theme is Summer Essential, and this month, we get 4 Japanese and 4 Korean beauty products worth total $40.72. I like this box because it’s a well-balanced box which contains both body care and makeup products. Now let’s see the products.

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Nomakenolife July 2019 Makeup Products


Frill Makeup Pouch – $5.24

This is the prettiest makeup bag I’ve ever seen. It’s very girly and elegant together. It has enough space for your beauty items. You can use it as a bag to keep your makeup items together in your bag, or you can place it on your makeup desk like a basket. It may also fit your desk with its cute look.

The Saem – Yum Yum Lip Syrup (Cherry) – $6.21

No, it’s not a bottle of ketchup. It’s a super cute lip gloss! Mine has cherry flavor, and it’s the darkest shade between them (other flavors are peach and strawberry). Apply lightly with your fingertips, get healthy, innocent lips; apply directly to your lips, get radiant, glowing lips!

Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick – $5.20

I like using creamy products in summer. It fits my face better than powdery products with their dewy looking. Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick also has a very soft, creamy texture with natural color and shimmer. Just take it with you everywhere and put two dots on your eyelids, a little blend, and it’s done! Shine with your perfect bronzy eyes with sparklings.

Sakura Blotting Paper and Bandage Set – $0.95

As I said, I don’t like to use powder products in the summer, and when the weather gets hot, I tend to use blotting papers to matt my greasy face. This set is very suitable to carry in the small bags in summer. I also love the fact that you have a band-aid, my legs can be injured by tree-insects in the summer when I wear shorts. With this set, I can keep my skin fresh and cover my wounds in case of emergency 🙂

No Make No life July 2019 Body Care Products


Hatomugi UV Milky Gel – $8.90

Using 31 SPF products in daily life is quite enough for me. Anyway, you need to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours. At this point, I think it is very nice that Hatomogi UV Milky Gel can be applied to both the face and body. You know, it is challenging to carry both face and body products in our cute little bags.

Kocostar Foot Moisture Pack – $3.90

The second foot mask I use in my life comes with a nomakenolife box. (The first one was lookfantastic) At this point, I think it’s excellent to get a monthly beauty subscription box because it brings us things we wouldn’t normally try.

The Kocostar foot mask is straightforward to apply, wear the socks after bath; lay in a soft, comfy bed; and remove the mask after 20 minutes. Moisten your feet wherever you want with this diaper-feeling mask and have the softest feet on the planet!

nmnl July 2019 Face Products


Pretti Pure White Milk Cream – $7.58

I was searching for a brightening cream for a long time, and I really liked that one. It doesn’t have a thick texture, which is perfect for summer. Also, if you don’t like long sunbathes and bronze skin, it would be perfect with UV Milky Gel. Protect your skin from the sun and improve face tone with these two emulsions!

Choosy Air in Beauty Gummy – $2.74

This is the craziest thing I have ever had! Lip-shaped gummies include collagen, calcium, hyaluronic acid, and dietary fiber to make your lips plumper! I don’t know if it made my lips plumper, but it definitely made them smoother.

I wouldn’t eat this kind of sweets regularly, but it tastes so good! It is incredible that such delicious gummies also care for my lips. For me, this is the most exciting product from nomakenolife July 2019 box.

I liked the fact that the products this month were compatible with each other and reflected the theme well. Also, I adored that they sent an innovative and original product like Choosy Air in Beauty Gummy -is both fun and creative.

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*** Nomakenolife August 2019 Spoiler Alert ***

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